Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anglo-Saxon Poem: The Solitary Sea

The Solitary Sea

Chirpy chipmunks                                             chirp sassily
from faraway                                         fig trees;
beneath the blue sky,                              bees buzzzz.

While wiggly, wee                                      little girls whoop and wheeze,
gaily giggling, gagging                                  gasping for air!
The sweet sisters sing                         swaying, saucily along!

The decisive dad                                                   deerstalkes his deer:
camouflaging colors,                              coughing, and cocking his rifle,
hushing his happy                                harpy girls: Layla and Lynn.

Hidden and hiding                                                  haunting the hills,
hand-in-hand                                                         hurdling the hares,
gliding, gracefully                                  through glistening, glimmering grass!

Peeping and peeking                                         from their private place,
concealed, contained                               covered and cloaked,
buried below                                         green bundles of grass:

Veiled, yet vivacious                                                 vexes their hunter!
A killer who kills                                                      for kicks, for sport!
A clatter, a clamor                                 coming from green clovers!

A noisy noise                                             noticed within a nifty nook.
Rapidly! Raising                                the rifle, it runs!
Slicing, slashing, slitting                        severing the green sea!

It stops. Suddenly,                                                scratching the sea gate!
A piercing scream                                                pierces the palmy day!
The hunter hungrily                            hunts for his prize.

Searching, seeking                                          he steps upon the scene.
Spying, spotting                                  he spots, he sees:
He perceives the                                 pierced, porous hole.

Penetrating and parting                                         her pretty peel,
laying lackluster, lifeless                                        lays--Layla.
Startled, stunned, staggering                    shock spills

slowly slithering into                                            slimy screams!
Lynn shrieks! Shouts                             aloud! Shrilling squeals!
The faulty father                                   falls fast           

upon his knee.                                          Kneeling, knowing, noticing
the hole: Layla lays                                     hopeless and hollow.
Her existence expired, extinct;           departed, deceased, decreased. 

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