Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maxim Poem: When in Rome (...)

when in Rome…

do as the                                                                        
Romans do? do
indeed, invest the time in
debauchery! decadence shall
reign with overflowing
excess, indeed---

incoherency? Yes! Yes
please! indeed! with
glittergold nipples on
top spraying seeds of
grape through the
gold god stuck in---

limbo. between good and
better! eat the
meat! tear into
the hare! suck
the duck down to
its last---

fuck the
girl, the
boy! Or both Or
twice! Or the
man with the slithering
tongue with scratches down---

the slender curve, sliding into
the worship room, worship the
party thrower, gayest gal, the
beatific bombshell, the
frisky frolicsome Ram of

Surely, this makes one
happy? Yes! Yes! Yes?
indeed! razor-sliced
emotions, forgotten eves, plump with
pestilence, rotten to the
inner core with bubbling blisters---

but do, do as the
Romans do. Enjoy! Enjoy
the vibrancy, the views, the
harpy happy melodies! the
harmonies, the arts, the
affluence, the architecture---

pose! model-like for
Michelangelo—be a
Pope popper! slip
swan-like in the
Sistine! feast with the

race with the robust
Stallions! be
intrigued! relish the
atmosphere! passion in
the air! party play with the
thespian, the musician, the persona---

of the Roman. So do, do
as the Romans do
who cares if
coherency never
knocks—open the
gate—jump into---

the Tiber! squirting, sporting, and
sprouting Roman
horns! splash in the
Sea! the Sea swarming with
silly sinners who
gobble the guts! prance—

periodically past
the Colosseum, the
Vatican! guzzle each
gulp of the goblet’s
last drop until
you--YES YOU--do as the Romans do!


  1. i think this is a brilliant poem! i do, i do, i do!

  2. coming from the poetess, i am veryvery honoured<3

  3. Caroline, I love this. Really.

  4. becca! thanks so much!! i had a lot of fun writin' it!!