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Table of Contents Poem: Sea Castles

Sea Castles

Caroline Sapp

Preface iii
Acknowledgements iv

Chapter 1: Black Sand
Black beads border the deep dark majestic p. 1-2
Torching toes toss the broken shells p. 2-3
Imposing cliffs surround p. 3-4
Mopeds, scooters, & bikes busy the black bustle p. 4-5
Diving deep, discovering the black floor p. 5-6
Turquoise, bold red fish illuminate the inky habitat p. 6-7
Creatures play along the black man’s floor p. 7
Underground flowers flit & flicker, while spear-grass grooves p. 8
Stray dogs romp & run-free p .8-9
Sandals, shoes, & towels are worn ‘round the feet p. 9-10
Champagne bottles pop, while dark men serve in black attire p. 10-11
Brave souls release their sandals & straddle the black man’s water p. 11-12
Black sand scorches, sizzles, & steams p. 12-13

Chapter 2: Red Sand
Crimson colors, streaks across the shoreline p. 13-14
The sea eats this bloody mess p. 14-15
A vast volcano encloses this scarlet paradise p. 15-16
From afar, a reddish pink serenity p. 16-17
Up close, rusty shell carcasses & rubyred wine bottles litter the land p. 17-18
Tan & topless enhances the image p. 18-19
Black bushes & pink layers exposed p. 19-20
hot, hot, hot-they say! this spacious swimming hole p. 20-21
The devil’s carroty Eden illustrates this red sphere, created by ash and fire p. 21-22
Red sand singes, scalds, & reddens p. 22-23

Chapter 3: Rocks
Smooth and slimy sensations swim along the bare feet p. 23-24
Mist and fog settle upon the silver shoreline p. 24
A hazy channel with sea and sky meeting-converging  p. 25
Pirates, misfits, and ghosts may appear p. 25-26
A specter ship, a phantom vessel may materialize in the mist p.26-27
Pale, chilled, & inactive lies this slithering soft sea p. 27
Clear and calm comes the tide, collecting the smooth stones p. 28
Ashen gray, whitish, silvery midnight blue: these glassy, glossy pebbles p. 29
The hazy sea clouds and drizzles p. 29-31
The waves guide the vampiric mermaids to the misty seashore p. 31-32
These alluring sea creatures suck the bystander into their seafaring sharp foam p. 32
Rocks spellbind, seize, & snatch p. 32-34

Chapter 4: Tan Sand
Soft and playful plays the sand p. 34
A Seafarer’s foot, a Wanderer’s toe, or a little Crab’s leg crawls upon this salt p. 35
Aluminum and brown bottles decorate, spot upon the salt as artificial landscape p. 36
Tan, brown, & red lay the sun’s friends p. 37
Skimpy triangle tops and barely there bottoms expose skin p. 37-38
No bushes, no nipples only belly buttons & brown peels p. 38-39
No volcanoes, no dark man’s world only cool, calming salt soothing the feet, the soul p. 40
This water, warm balmy bath water: clear and cool p. 41
Push and paddle past the waves, erect in the gulf’s salty fish bowl p. 41-43
Swimming fishlike searching for a starfish, an oyster shell p. 44
White, lustrous shells spruce the sea’s and salt’s appearance p. 44-45
Schools of fish learn at one’s knees p. 46
Tan sand shapes lazy, lethargic, & loaded delusions p. 46-47

Chapter 5: White Sand
Palm trees paint this West Coast picture p. 47
Dotted with black seeds & broken shells p. 48
Wetsuits & surfers fill the fishdish, filming a flick that resembles a dream p. 48-49
Quaint bars, shabby shacks, & sweet shops showcase the scene p. 49
Calm created for the LA city folk p. 50
Beautiful beings sun bathing, bewitching the beach p. 50-51
Dashing dudes, Hispanic hip-hops posin’ and peacockin’ upon slick slats p. 51-54
The cold mother bites at the nipple, causing a scream or a soothing sensation p. 54
Coaxing one in, she furthers her bite, bringing blood that requires her cool treatment p. 55-57
This strict & strapping sea mother monitors her magical salty sand & swells p. 57-59
She invites one & all: she makes an immense melting pot p. 59-60
White sand produces, promotes, and generates peace p. 61

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Sonnet Poem: Blossoms&Worms

To seek, follow, to find her love, she sought
And walked, wandered upon summits and cliffs
Peering, pursuing peeps of him; She fought
For signs, shadows, a mark: She lay---adrift.
Her bloom blows beauty for the bees---dreamlike
At that hour, lighting the skies, the stars;
Searching, she sparkles air and land, alike
Not beauty, nor bliss shall fill her jar.
Alas! Withered away went her pretty
Petals wrinkling, wiggling, fading
From the once beautiful blossom; wormy
Beings warp her branches---she is outplayed.
     Neither the love, nor the lover she found,
     And dried and drooped lay the petal---earthbound.