Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sonnet Poem: Blossoms&Worms

To seek, follow, to find her love, she sought
And walked, wandered upon summits and cliffs
Peering, pursuing peeps of him; She fought
For signs, shadows, a mark: She lay---adrift.
Her bloom blows beauty for the bees---dreamlike
At that hour, lighting the skies, the stars;
Searching, she sparkles air and land, alike
Not beauty, nor bliss shall fill her jar.
Alas! Withered away went her pretty
Petals wrinkling, wiggling, fading
From the once beautiful blossom; wormy
Beings warp her branches---she is outplayed.
     Neither the love, nor the lover she found,
     And dried and drooped lay the petal---earthbound. 

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