Wednesday, July 27, 2011



color springs &
shouts from
the yellow sea of

purple picks the
eye, while white
floorwalls warn
of its dry
soil that
seeps apples seeds.

canary colors connect
the wheel of
as black beaded
beaked birds
perch upon----

                        a particular round
                         tree-Moe Like Hair.

these Spanish senors and
senoritas sit
& stare.

right twists &
left turns connect
the curls,
curling up to
the top of the
lovely lavender
lake atmosphere above—

calm cows sit, see
& suckle
the sticks that
stand straight, that
squeeze their
obliques sideways to
speak to the

weeds wobble &
sprouts spruce &
spray the
Spanish countryside with
the desert’s
color wheel.