Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photograph Poem: FairyLand


One will see Neverland over the horizon! Remember to be watchful and very wary of Pirates, Indians, and Crocodiles!

Behind the blue-violet
turf! What must it be? What
exists beyond the tall turquoise 
spheres? Why, wee little
fairies! Who hop, pop, and
romp ‘round the
ordinary observer who
only beholds his garden-variety
world. No
imagination! Only
rationalization! Developed,
Ripe! Mature with
Age! But----

to the Believer, to the
Dreamer, the one who
will imagine, create his own
air castles, he who
perceives the magical realm, the
enchanting Land of 
Fairies! Oh! Oh
Yes! The kingdom of 
sparkling sprites, perky pixies, and 
intriguing imps! The domain of 
beings that shun malice and 
gloom! Who exist to be

To make little
happies here, there, and every
little where! upon this 
apple orchard! on this
elephant ear! on this
blooming daffodil! these 
lovely beings love
bestowing gifts of 
merriment! mirth! nonsense! and 
cheer! To every tiny tot, to
 every Believer this 
daydream, this figment of 
fantasy, Exists---

The Daydreamer observes
the chubby, the 
lanky, the ebony, the
ivory beings who 
mix colors and create a
chirpy coexistence! He 
who looks to his 
right, gawks at the
golden glittered wings sprouting of
sunshine, which 
seep through the
dreary day, the 
Dark Reality! 

Queen Fairy flies
upon her 
domestic dove, overseeing
her minions! She
chirps to “Play a 
prank on Peter! Warble a
lovely lullaby to 
Lucy! And remember that
nine hundred ninety-three 
new Nymphs will 
arrive today! Give
thanks to the 
Babyborn Giggles!”

The whimsical Beholder 
senses the 
frolicking fairies, sparkling in 
the Sun’s shine, hiding upon
hearing pitter patters, 
footsteps! remaining 
unnoticed by 
the Commoner, the 
Grown-up. Hidden 
among the hills, along 
the Childlike, the 

where the
honeycream glow 
glimmers, where
happiness lies in 
the Imagination!
Bear in mind! Consider
that to exist in a
dreamlike Utopia, one
only needs to
Believe, to
Dream, to 

And you, too 
witness, might
envision the 
Land of the 
For the
Dreamers, the 
Conjures of 
Castles, Lands, and
magical Spheres, recollect
the Queen’s Directions:

Two steps past 
the sapphirelavender
grass, three
hops on
the right, one 
leap to 
left! Gather the
Pixie Dust under 
the Garden Gnome! 
Happy Thoughts and
This poem was based upon a picture I took at the Chihuly exhibit in Nashville, Tennessee.

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