Saturday, April 9, 2011

Syllabic Poem: Monkey B/a/r/s/

Monkey B/a/r/s/

A bold smoke bomb explodes
            in the twilight sky
                        showering, slow
                        kaleidoscope kisses
            spilling, splattering wishes
for the hungry, hollow human eye;

It awakens from its
            submerged, seasoned sleep,
                        swelling from pits
                        of dark, damp disregard---
            Consciously crawling! Bombard
its buried bubble, butting the b/a/r/s/

The orb absorbs, perceives
            the gaudy garnish
                        glow and receives
                        a merry memory:
            Mount^i^n^g a sanctuary,
to see the sunset, the sky’s sad smile.

Spooky silhouettes scrape
            the dusky-dying
                        day, while it rapes
                        the forgotten fun-filled
            eves. The limbs, the boughs that peel
back, where one can swing, seesaw, or sway.

Unconcerned, unconscious
            of the springtime scene,
                        scared of shutting out these
            escapades. Memory flees
fast! Falling down! Forgetting---dark d*a*w*n*s*

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